Content is King

Compelling content has become key in engaging your audience, attracting social media fans and growing your brand. We are experts in finding those “golden nuggets” about your organization and creating compelling content around them. It’s all about relationships. We have strong relationships with the local media and work hard to secure our clients superior earned-media placement. We also post content on several local blogs but also on the national level, i.e. Patch locally, Huffington Post, Yahoo! News and/or Buzzfeed, where applicable.

Press Release Writing and Distribution to Local, Statewide or National Media

Tired of sending out boring press releases that never get picked up by any news outlets? Instead of a shotgun approach of sending out boring news, we are laser focused on finding the newsworthy nuggets about your business and pitching them to specific journalists in ways that get you noticed.

We’ll meet with your team to interview and discover the most newsworthy things you are doing, we’ll write your news up in AP style, which journalists prefer, and we’ll pitch and distribute your news according to reporter beats.

You wouldn’t want to send a feature story to a hard news crime reporter, right?

Media Follow Up & Story Pitching

Ever wonder if your press release ever made it to someone’s inbox? We don’t! That’s because we know who to call and follow up with about a release. Sometimes a story should be pitched personally rather than written as a release, or sent out in a media alert or just plain tweeted! We’ll do that too.

Blogging and Social Media Set Up, Management and Monitoring

Who has time for Facebook when you’re running a business? Not you! That’s our job and between our team members, we have a huge established social media following. We are able to promote your message across various channels to gain even more exponential coverage. We provide real-time management and monitoring across all of your social media accounts from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, YouTube and more. We’ll keep you trendy and trending by getting your message out across all mediums and respond back to your fans efficiently.


A picture is worth a 1,000 words and video is worth 10,000 followers! Utilize video to engage your fan base and promote your brand. Whether it’s a viral video or a corporate video, our team is able to produce engaging content with our iPhones or with our team of professional photographers and editors.

Media Coaching and Consulting

So you thought you were an amazing speaker but then you saw yourself on camera, right? We can help! Our team can coach you for interviews with succinct talking points, and help with wardrobe, speaking style and charisma. Let us make your speech more engaging.

E-mail Marketing

You have this big e-mail list but have no idea what to do with it? Or you know you should be collecting e-mails but have no idea where to start? We can help form a data collection strategy and whip up snazzy e-mail marketing blasts to send out to your fans. E-mail marketing is a great way to let your clients know what is going on with your business and to gain more leads to increase your bottom line.

Press Strategy

Making your PR count starts with being prepared. Do you have a PR plan? If not, you should. Your plan should include events, sponsorships, newsworthy items and a plan for tying them all together.

Crisis Management

A PR crisis can cost you millions of dollars, severely damage your reputation and have long-term irreparable consequences. One of the worst things you can do in a media crisis situation is say “no comment”. The best thing you can do is engage a professional PR team and have a plan – early. Being proactive instead of reactive in a PR crisis can mean the difference between losing millions and coming out relatively unscathed.

Political Consulting & Strategy

PR and politics tend to go hand in hand in many industries. Our team is politically engaged and knows the value that key meetings can provide. We are knowledgeable about national, statewide and local issues and can help navigate the sometimes murky waters of governmental relations.